Clover is more than a corporate insurance broker. We are a partner for your business.

We assess your business and guide you with an analysis and a detailed followtrhough which garantuees your business continuity is on point!

That way you can focus on what really matters, making your business grow.

Our field of specialty goes beyond insurance brokerage.

We assist you with a variaty of services.

We make sure your company is vetted and supported throughout our entire partnership.

But Clover didn't start up overnight.

There is a long history that can go back as far as 1898:


First insurance contract is closed by Victor Claes


Jozef Claes takes over the insurance business from his father Victor.


Victor Claes, joins his father Jozef in the family business.


Paul Claes joins the family business and starts the modernization


Claes verzekeringen nv is founded and the first hiring is a fact. They shift their focus more on corporate clients.


Paul Claes takes control over the company after buying out his remaining siblings. His youngest son Olivier Claes joins the business. 


Paul's oldest son Laurent also joins the company.


Clover nv is founded by Laurent Claes, Olivier Claes & Viktor Roelandt. The Clover brand is born! 


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